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The President’s Medal Alumni reads as a who’s who of Australia finest Food and Beverage Producers. Explore what it takes to achieve the most coveted and prestigious Agricultural  Award in Australia.




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Brasserie Bread

12th President's Medal Winner Brasserie Bread,  NSW Finders Rangers Sprouted Wheat Loaf Brasserie Bread is the realisation of a dream that began back in 1995 when Founders Michael Klausen and Tony Pappas set out to bake their first loaf of sourdough. For the past 22 years, we have built our business by incorporating the world’s best thinking and honouring the values of artisan baking. Our drive for innovation led us to connect with farmers from renowned wheat districts of Australia to pioneer the use of single sourced grains in our continued pursuit of baking award-winning products of remarkable character. Nowadays, our reputation is recognised across the Eastern seaboard of Australia by foodservice partners who place quality first and share the same passion for products of distinguished flavour. Read more

Cobram Estate

11th President's Medal Winner Cobram Estate,  VIC Ultra Premium Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil Boundary Bend Estate, established in 1998, is the culmination of a dream for visionary horticulturists Rod McGavin and Paul Riordan. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction through all facets of their business, Boundary Bend, Cobram's parent company is rapidly developing a global reputation as one of the leading players in the modern olive industry.  Critical to their success has been their ability to consistently produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil in large and growing quantities. The result is a business that is unsurpassed in the olive industry and is gaining recognition as a significant player in the international industry. Read more

Pacific Reef Fisheries

10 th President’s Medal Pacific Reef Fisheries, QLD Sashimi Grade Cobia The Mitris family started Pacific Reef Fisheries in 1998. Over the last 17 years they have built the business to a highly successful prawn and fish farming operation that produces around 1,000 tonnes of seafood per year. Pacific Reef North Queensland Cobia became a part of the business six years ago. This is a new aquaculture species in Australia and was started in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. With this new species came many challenges and it has been a steep learning curve over the last six years. However, we are very proud of what has become a real success story that is the result of much hard work by a lot of people. Pacific Reef Fisheries comment on their President's Medal win: When they announced we had won, I almost had to pinch myself. I believed in our product, but we were in such esteemed company that we never presumed we would take first place. Publicity around the awards has been extremely helpful when dealing with new distributors, restaurants and chefs. They have either heard of our cobia because of our achievements or are keen to know more particularly because the President's Medal is such a revered accolade and a known indicator of high-quality produce. The win will help us continue to grow and ensure we are in the right market. We were just starting to gain a little exposure at prestige events such as the Spring Racing Carnival and Grand Prix in Melbourne but the President's Medal is opening more doors for us, creating a wider range of opportunities for our fine cobia to be featured and enjoyed. Maria Mitris, Pacific Reef Fisheries - 2015 President's Medal winner Watch   the 2015 President's Medal winner as featured on ABC's Landline Read more

Bulla Dairy Foods

9 th President’s Medal Bulla Dairy Foods, VIC 35% Thick Cup Cream Trusted and loved by Australian families since 1910, Bulla Dairy Foods is 100% Australian family owned and has been run by the same three families for five generations.   The business prides itself on delivering a delicious, real dairy taste by producing products made from fresh milk, cream and other quality ingredients.   Starting out as a small Melbourne cream company, Bulla now offers a broad range of chilled and frozen dairy products including cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt, dairy desserts, ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Bulla’s range of ‘Real Dairy’ products are all underpinned by traditional country values of family, pride, honesty, respect and integrity. Read more

Tahbilk Winery

8 th President’s Medal Tahbilk Winery, VIC 2008 Marsanne Victoria’s oldest family owned winery – Tahbilk – has beaten some of Australia’s most famous farming dynasties to be awarded the Presidents’ Medal in 2013. They made the shortlist after claiming The Harry Davies Memorial Perpetual Trophy for their 2008 Marsanne.   Chief winemaker Alan George said ‘When you’re given an award like this it’s very satisfying; it makes the job that much more worthwhile to do.”   “Competing with producers beyond the wine industry puts the President’s Medal in a different league, and, for the team behind Tahbilk wines, winning it is more than a little exciting,” added Mr George.   President’s Medal Judge – renowned food lover and Sydney ABC 702 Radio presenter Simon Marnie, said it soon became clear that the carbon neutral business was a natural contender.   “So many times you see green wash – the practice of boasting about your environmental credentials without any real understanding – whereas they had a really deep understanding of not just their own environmental responsibilities but also up and down the chain. That’s such a rarity,” he said. Read more

Milly Hill Lamb

  7 th President’s Medal Milly Hill Lamb, NSW Lamb – Grass Fed 20-23kg Premium lamb producers Milly Hill Lamb were awarded the 2012 President’s Medal. The New England business, owned by Peter and Sally Strelitz, were recognised for their free-range, grass-fed lambs and commitment to the triple bottom line.   “Through close relationships with growers…Peter and Sally encapsulate the dedication to craft skills, sustainable farm practices, financial responsibility and social fabric that are essential to being a President’s Medal winner,” said President’s Medal Judge Simon Marnie.   Sally said they were thrilled with the win. “It validates what you are and what you’re doing, and has been a fantastic boost for the business.” The $10,000 prize money was used by Milly Hill to develop their brand and further build their customer base. Read more


6 th President’s Medal Yalumba, SA FSW8B Botrytis Viognier (2009) In awarding Yalumba the 2011 President’s Medal, the 163-year-old wine company was congratulated for showing that a producer can be at the leading edge of technology and production standards without compromising on its social and environmental responsibilities.  Yalumba took out the award with their Yalumba FSW8B Botrytis Viognier 2009. Fifth-generation proprietor Robert Hill Smith said the team were thrilled to receive the award, particularly because it stemmed from the Viognier variety they had been working on for 30 years. Yalumba winemaker Louisa Rose said good environmental practices are crucial for making excellent wines. “You couldn’t grow a good Botrytis wine if you didn’t have a sustainable vineyard,” she said. “You’ve got to have healthy conditions and healthy moulds in the atmosphere.” Yalumba donated its $10,000 in prize money to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation’s rural scholarship program. Read more

Holy Goat Cheese

5 th President’s Medal Holy Goat Cheese, VIC La Luna Goat Cheese When Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda won the President’s Medal for their La Luna cheese, it did more than give their business the recognition it deserved.  “Winning was extraordinary because we are a very small producer,” said Carla. “To be so validated by a process that not only looked at the quality of our product but also the quality of our farming systems, that was a pretty wonderful acknowledgement and very encouraging for us.” The pair had been running a dairy herd of 70 goats on 200 acres in Victoria’s Sutton Grange since 1999, fulfilling a long-held dream. They make 10 tonnes of organic goat’s cheese each year, now sold to some of Sydney and Melbourne’s finest restaurants and specialist delicatessens. They hope they President’s Medal win will inspire others to consider running a small farm. Read more
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