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School Egg Laying Competition

There are two Classes within this Competition:

  • Class 1310: School (Commercial) Egg Laying Competition

  • Class 1311: School Purebred Layers Competition

The School Egg Laying Competitions have three major components:

  1. Presentation of Exhibits
    For the School (Commercial) Egg laying Competition, the RAS initially provides young cross bred Hy-Line Brown pullets in October 2017 for the school to develop into layinging hens by Showtime in March 2018.
    For Purebred Exhibits, three young hens under 12 months of age (pullets) owned by the School, are chosen for judging. Birds are chosen based on uniformity and fitness for showing.

  2. Project work:
    This is a written summary of all aspects of care and animal husbandry made by School Exhibitor to ensure best laying pullets and applies to both Competitions.

  3. Egg Laying component:
    The quality of the eggs laid by the three pullets (during the 10 days of Competition) are judged.


Entries close

School Egg Laying (commercial) competition have closed and schools should have received their birds late October.
School's Purebred Egg Layers competition closes: 7 February 2018.



Judging of the Fowls and Project Components will take place on Thursday 22 March 2018.
Judging of the Egg Laying Components for both School Egg Laying competitions will take place on Saturday 31 March 2018

Success in all three components (project work, quality of the birds shown and quantity quality of eggs collected during the Show) are the key to winning this competition.

The commercial egg laying pullets are Hy-Line Brown hens supplied by Supporter SBA (Special Breeders Australia) along with Australian Eggs.


Contact us

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