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School Egg Laying Competition


There are two School Egg Laying Competitions that cater for both Commerical Layers and School Exhibition Hens.

  • Class 1310: Sydney Royal School (Commercial) Egg Laying Competition

  • Class 1311: Sydney Royal School Purebred Layers Competition

What the Competition's involve:

The 2019 Sydney Royal School Egg Laying Competitions will run as a trial at your school before the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show and culminate at the Show by exhibiting your birds.

School competing in the COMMERCIAL Egg Laying Competition will receive a batch of approximately 6 week old pullets that will be dispatched to your school in approximately November 2018.

Schools competing in the PUREBRED Layers Competition are welcome to compete with their own purebred hens or can receive assistance by the RAS to source purebred hens.

Schools are then required to rear the pullets and prepare their best three (3) pullets to compete at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Competition is judged by poultry industry experts and consists of three (3) components:

  1. Presentation of Exhibits: Three pullets are chosen by the school for judging. Birds are chosen based on exhibition qualities, uniformity and fitness for showing.
  2. Project Component: students are asked to create a Powerpoint presentation detailing how the pullets were raised and prepared for the Show. To be submitted online.
  3. Egg Laying Component: the quality of the eggs are laid by the three pullets (during the 10 days of Competition) are judged to commercial standards.

Entries Open

The Sydney Royal School Egg Laying (commercial) Competition and Sydney Royal School Purebred Egg Layers Competition are now accepting Applications for Entry. Please complete the entry form and return to

Entries for the 2019 Competition have now closed.