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Key dates & Schedule

Key dates & Schedule

Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions along with key timings of this Sydney Royal Competition.

Please ensure that you read the Sydney Royal Pig Competition Schedule. Exhibitors are bound by the terms and conditions set out in the RAS General Regulations, the Pig Competition Schedule and the conditions detailed in each Application for Entry. Please ensure that you have read these documents. Email the  Pig Coordinator  for more information, or to be added to the Exhibitor mailing list for the 2016 Show. A Competition Schedule is the rule book that governs each Competition. The Sydney Royal Pig Schedule tells you everything you need to know about the Pig Competitions.  Available online as a PDF document, the Schedule lists entry fees, closing dates, delivery details, conditions of entry, prizes and much more.  It is important that you read the Schedule carefully before entering any Sydney Royal Competition.

Key dates

  • Mid November 2017
    Entries Open
  • 8 December 2017
    Entries Close (Schools Competition)
  • 31 January 2018
    Entries Close (Stud Pigs)
  • 22 March - 3 April 2018
    Sydney Royal Easter Show
  • 24 March 2018
    Stud Pig Judging
  • 25 March 2018
    School Commercial Pig Judging