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Exhibitor information

Revised Judging Timetable

2018 Judging Timetable updated as at Thursday 9 November 2017.

2018 Guidelines for Performance

Please find the 2017-2018 Performance Guidelines and Record Sheet  for the 2018 Sydney Royal Horse Show.

There have been changes to these guidelines so please read carefully.

To assist you to record your performances please also find a Performance Record Sheet attached. Feel free to print this off and use it as a record as you gain your performance. At time of your online entry, you will need to re-enter this information.
Please note: There will be no additional performance after the close of entries.

See Key Dates for opening and closing dates of competitions.

Please note for any Agricultural Shows running supplementary shows, it is a requirement to have more than one month between these two shows.

2018 Withdrawal / Non - Attendance

In 2018, withdrawals must be submitted using the withdrawal form available below or from the Horse Section Office during the Show.

2018 Horse Withdrawal Form Final 

 WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawals submitted prior to 7.00am on the day on which the Class is scheduled to take place will NOT attract a withdrawal fee.

LATE WITHDRAWALS: Any withdrawals received after 7.00am on the day on which the Class is scheduled or otherwise during the Show will incur a $50 administration fee unless accompanied by a veterinary or medical certificate.

ABSENT PENALTY: Exhibitors who do not withdraw must pay an Absent Penalty of $150 for each Exhibit or Exhibitor not present in each and every event for which the horse or rider has been nominated (except pairs and teams - This does not include the Parent & Child Class).

 Withdrawals received prior to MONDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2018 may be eligible for a refund of Entry Fees (an administration fee of $16 will be retained per entry per Class). Refund is paid at the discretion of the Committee upon notification. No Entry Fee refunds will be issued for withdrawals received after this date. Withdrawals received prior to MONDAY 19 MARCH 2018 may be eligible for a refund of stabling fees paid. No refunds for stabling will be issued after this date.

Microchipping and National Registration

To be eligible to enter, you must have registration details of each horse, your horse microchipped and be registered with a National Registry. If your horse is not already microchipped, please contact your local vet then visit either, the Australasian Animal Registry  or another recognised registry to register the microchip number online.

RAS Membership

If applicable, have your RAS Membership number handy to access member discounts on entry fees and stabling fees.

Not a Member? Visit

 Information below pertains to the 2017 Horse Competitions, information for the 2018 Competitions will be published as it becomes available.

2017 Exhibitor Information Guide

The 2017 Exhibitor Information Guide contains information relevant to Exhibitor's time on site and their specific Competition. It covers topics such as precinct access, entry passes and paperwork required, parking and passes, arrival and access times, event details and information, loading and unloading details and Exhibitor amenities.

Arriving and Departing

Vehicles are only allowed on the Showground during the times stipulated in the following timetable.  You will be required to show your Horse Confirmation Advice slips (Bench slips) to gain access. 

You are required to report to the Horse Section Office upon your Arrival. The Horse Office will be open during these access times to advise you of your stable location, tack allocation and accommodation arrangements. Please note ALL tack rooms and stables will be locked prior to your arrival - you must report to the Horse Office to arrange access.

For Departure from the Showground you will be required to present your Horse Confirmation Advice slip (Bench slip) at Gate 9 between 4.00pm - 6.00pm to allow you to bring in an empty vehicle on to the Showgrounds.  Exit is via Gate 9. Please note during Departure only times, only vehicles without horses or horse equipment will be permitted onto the showground.

Any Exhibitors who arrive early will be required to wait until 7.00pm to unload their horses.

Monday (pre-Show): 9am - 5pm

Tuesday (pre-Show): 9am - 5pm

Wednesday (pre-Show): 9am - 7pm

Show period:

6am - 8am

4pm - 6pm (departure only)

7pm - 9pm

Last day of Show:

6am - 8am

4pm - 6pm (departure only)

Day after Show: All horses must depart Sydney Showground by 12pm.

Please ensure these times are adhered to strictly to ensure a smooth changeover and to allow sufficient time for clean out of the Pavilion.  Also, please ensure you stick to this time as someone may require your stable immediately after your departure. Unless previously approved, all exhibitors must adhere to these times.

Exhibitors please note: NO parking is permitted onsite at any time. All vehicles must be attended during loading and unloading periods. No vehicles are to be left parked onsite at any time.