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Exhibitor information

Judging Timetable

The Judging Timetable for the Sydney Royal Horse Show can be viewed here.

Guidelines for Performance

There have been changes to these guidelines so please read carefully.

To assist you to record your performances please also find a Performance Record Sheet attached. Feel free to print this off and use it as a record as you gain your performance. At time of your online entry, you will need to re-enter this information.
Please note: There will be no additional performance after the close of entries.

The 2018-2019 Guidelines for Performance is now available.

Please note for any Agricultural Shows running supplementary shows, it is a requirement to have more than one month between these two shows.


Exhibitor Information Guide

The 2019 Exhibitor Information Guide will be uploaded when available.


Arrivals & Departures Handy Hints

Some helpful hints to streamline your arrival and departure to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


Withdrawal/ Non-attendance

Withdrawals must be submitted using the withdrawal form available on or from the Horse Section Office during the Show. Refer to Special Horse Regulations 34 and 35 below.
34. WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawals submitted prior to 7.00am on the day on which the Class is scheduled to take place will NOT attract a withdrawal fee.
35. ABSENT PENALTY: Exhibitors who do not withdraw by 7am on the day on which the Class is scheduled must pay an Absent Penalty of $150 for each Exhibit or Exhibitor not present in each and every event for which the horse or rider has been nominated (except pairs and teams - This does not include the Parent & Child Class).

Withdrawals received prior to MONDAY 18 MARCH 2019 may be eligible for a refund of Entry Fees (an administration fee of $16 will be retained per entry per Class). The refund is paid at the discretion of the Committee upon notification. No Entry Fee refunds will be issued for withdrawals received after this date. Withdrawals received prior to MONDAY 8 APRIL 2019 may be eligible for a refund of stabling fees paid. No refunds for stabling fees will be issued after this date.

WITHDRAWALS from Gents, Ladies and Childs Hack and Show Hunter Classes.
Entries are permitted in Gents, Ladies and Childs Hack and Show hunter Classes. However, the Exhibit may only compete in ONE of the three Classes. Entries into these classes is required at time of entry and transfers between these are not permitted. Exhibitors must confirm their intention to start in their chosen Class by 7.00am on the morning of the Class. You must withdraw from classes that you are not competing in. Failure to withdraw from the Class(es) you are not competing in will result in an Absent fine ($150). Acceptance Fees for these three Classes will not be refunded. Please note: If an Exhibit has won its Open Class, it is permitted to be withdrawn from Gent's, Ladies & Child’s Classes with no withdrawal penalty.