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Schools Angora Wether Competition

Entries to this competition have now closed.

The Sydney Royal Schools Angora Wether Competition will run as a trial at your school before the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show and culminate at the Show by exhibiting your pen of 3 wethers.

The Competition is judged by experts of the angora goat industry and consists of three (3) components:

  • Presentation of Exhibits: Pen of 3 angora goats are judged on carcase conformation; body condition, weight, maturity and uniformity.
  • Fleece Component:  Mohair samples are taken on arrival to test quality of fleece (length, strength and dimeter) and after shearing, fleeces are collected and weighed. Fleeces are assessed by market value and judged accordingly.
  • Project Component – students are asked to create a PowerPoint presentation detailing how the goats were raised and prepared for the Show.