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Exhibitor Information


Judging for the 2021 Sydney Royal Cattle Show will run from Thursday, 1 April for the Beef Cattle and Steer Competitions, and from Friday, 9 April for the Dairy Cattle Competitions.


Judging Timetable

For the 2021 Judging Timetable, click here.


Purebred Steer Competition

For the 2021 Sydney Royal Purebred Steer Competition, all Exhibits will go through the auction on Thursday 1 April, after judging.

No Exhibits will be sold over the grid as per previous years.


Changes to the 2021 Program

  • Beef Cattle Paraders’ Competitions (F000, F001, F002 & F003) judging will now be on Friday 2 April, starting at 12.00pm
  • Weighing & scanning for all Exhibits in the Purebred Steer and Trade Steer & Heifer Competitions will now be on Wednesday 31 March, starting at 9.00am


Bump in times

Updated Bump in times for all Beef Cattle, Purebred Steers and Trade Steers & Heifers as follows:

From 8am, Sunday 28 March to 8am, Wednesday 31 March 2021

All Beef Cattle, Purebred Steers and Trade Steers & Heifers must be on the Showground by 8am, Wednesday 31 March 2021.


Judges List

For the 2021 Judges List, click here.


Cattle Cafeteria

For 2021 Cattle Cafeteria Information, click here.


Exhibitor Access & Passes

Any person entering the Sydney Showground site for the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show must have a valid pass to gain access, including all vehicle drivers.

Exhibitor Passes for week one for Beef Cattle and Steer Competition Exhibitors will be valid from Thursday 18 March through to Tuesday 6 April 2021. 

The Exhibitor Pass will permit access to the pass holder during the bump in period and Show period while the relevant competitions are being held.

The benchslip is only a vehicle pass and will not permit access for the driver or any occupants of the vehicle.

Exhibitor Passes (plastic cards) are magnetically coded and are not transferable.

Exhibitor Passes should be signed immediately in the panel provided by the person nominated by the Exhibitor.  If you are leaving the Showground and intend to return later during that same day, you must leave through one of the turnstiles and swipe your card as passes are not automatically validated for re-entry on that day.

For the 2021 Show all Pedestrian access will be via Gate 10, located on Australia Avenue (previously pedestrian access for Exhibitors was via Gate 9).  Vehicle access will remain via Gate 9.

Exhibitor Passes are allocated according to the regulations set out in the Schedule.


No pass = No entry

All exhibitors will be required to present Exhibitor passes in order to gain entry.

This applies during the Bump-in period, pre-Show and during the Show, to all drivers and passengers in vehicles accessing the Showground.