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Tathra Oysters

Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

We enter because this competition is considered the pinnacle in the Australian food industry. Success at Sydney Royal opens doors.


What does this medal championship mean to you?

Tathra Oysters is a family business where we all pretty much eat, breathe and sleep oysters for the duration of the oyster season. This level of devotion means we make a lot of sacrifices for the love of what we do.

To have received a Championship award is a lovely testament that this dedication has been worthwhile.


Do you have any interesting news stories about your business/product?

It’s a great time to be a Sydney Rock Oyster farmer in Australia.

New growing techniques and technologies have meant that farmers all up and down the NSW Coast and even into Southern Queensland are benefiting from increased growth rates and the increased stocking densities on their farms that these new technologies allow.

At Tathra Oysters we too are enjoying this evolving world of oyster farming with changes  being more rapid now than at any time in our 30 years as farmers.

The challenge for us is to preserve the things that we believe make this slow growing, sweet flavoured oyster so special whilst embracing the benefits and potential productivity increases of this new world.

The consumer is the big winner in this changing environment with supplies and quality of Sydney Rock Oysters from all farmers into the marketplace set to rise.

The record number of entries and medals issued in this year’s Sydney Rock Oyster competition is a great indication of the potential of this new world.


How do you use the Sydney Royal medal artwork or promote your win through your marketing efforts?

Sydney Royal Medal artwork is, in my opinion, the most recognised and most highly regarded food medal artwork that is seen by consumers in Australia today. To have the privilege to place these labels on our product elevates the customers’ perception.


How long have you been entering the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Sydney Rock Oysters have been at Sydney Royal since 2001 and we have entered every year.