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GFB Fisheries - Champion Barramundi

Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

GFB fisheries has been entering the fine food show for at least the past 5 years. It is a useful tool to benchmark our products against many of the other producers in the industry and receive feedback on our product.


What does this medal championship mean to you?

The championship means a lot to GFB fisheries. The company is focused on always producing a sustainable, consistently high quality product for the Australian consumers. It is a great achievement to gain recognition for this.


Do you have any interesting news stories about your business/product?

GFB Fisheries under went a major farm management restructure a couple of years ago. Thanks to the efforts of all the management and dedicated staff the company has boosted its production and achieved a very consistent high quality product, sustainably produced for the Australian consumer. This will continue into the future with the company always striving for excellence in its product. So to all the Australian seafood lovers, support Australian sustainably farmed Barramundi and ask for GFB Fisheries Premium Barramundi at your local seafood store.


How do you use the Sydney Royal medal artwork or promote your win through your marketing efforts?

GFB fisheries will look to use the win to promote further interest in our product. The exact methods used to achieve this are undecided, however it most certainly will be a very useful marketing tool.


How long  have you been entering the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

For at least the last 5 years