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Bega Cheese

Winner of:

Champion Cheddar Cheese

Champion Cow Milk Cheese

Champion Cheese of Show Exhibited in Classes 14 to 48, 81 to 84, 86 to 90 and 94 to 95

Australian Cheeseboard Perpetual Trophy


Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show?

Bega values the reputation, the expertise and the independent assessment provided by the RAS competition. Success at the RAS is a measure that we are reaching the standard that we aspire to. Exhibiting also provides an opportunity to participate to
display some of quality food produced in the valley.

What does winning a Championship mean to you and your business?

Cheese making requires fresh, high quality milk. At Bega, this involves a whole chain of people who contribute to the final outcome. It starts on the farm, through milk collection and transport to the factory, to the manufacture of the cheddar cheese.
These operations occur every day of the year and all around the clock. The people who make it all happen do so with an attention to detail that maintains the chain of quality from paddock to plate. This Championship is a pleasing outcome and a wonderful recognition of effort for all the people involved.

Is this your first Championship win?

Bega has been very fortunate over recent years to have won a few awards for our Cheddar Cheese.

How long have you been entering the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show?

You could almost say that exhibiting at the RAS is in our DNA. Exhibits have been sent to Sydney for generations now, longer than the lifetime of any individual. In that sense, it is a tradition that I am proud to continue.