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Champion Trout - Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm

Why did I enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

I enter for two key reasons: the first being able to benchmark our products with the best in Australia, the second is to try to win an award as this makes it a lot easier to market a product that is recognised by a top industry panel. I have observed people picking up a product with a medal first, before one that does not have an award.

What does this medal championship mean to you?

This medal and Champion award is a huge boost to our confidence and we are proud to have won the award. It means a lot to be recognised as we work hard in our business to continuously produce a better product each week, this makes it all worthwhile!

Do you have any interesting news stories about your business/product?

Our farm has been producing and smoking trout for over 30 years. We have owned the farm for 12 years and my wife always questions why we should enter the Show to try to win something; I always respond that it's a pride thing and a good way of testing our quality against the best in the business. She is very proud today too! I love developing new products and last year we entered the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards and came away with 4 Gold medals and Reserve Champion Seafood Product 2016 with our Blackberry and Vodka cured Rainbow Trout Gravlax. Winning a Champion award for our whole smoked trout is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the Aquaculture industry and we are going to brag a little for a while yet.

Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm is located in the hills of Hanging Rock, above Nundle, NSW. We are open to the public on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm.