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Champion Latte Blend - Dive Coffee

Jim Storey from Diva Coffee

Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

Since 2012 when we first began wholesale cafe supply, we have focused on delivering the best in terms of our products, customer service and technical support. The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show is one of the most prestigious awards in our industry, and it was only natural for us to want to benchmark Diva against others in the industry who share the same passion.


What does this medal championship mean to you?

To the team at Diva this championship medal is the fruit of five years of hard work sampling and refining the product we offer today. We are so excited that an Organic Fair Trade blend has been voted as the winner in the Latte class. We hope it highlights that there really are some amazing high quality, ethically sourced beans available. We have always tried to focus on the consumer, and we have them in mind when we develop our blends. We want clean, honest flavours that consumers want to drink, and that are sustainably sourced, and we are thrilled that the Championship affirms this.  It's made us more driven than ever to perfect our blends and maintain our high standards. There was a lot of stiff competition this year as well, so ultimately we're just proud and very honoured to have been judged the winner.


Interesting stories about the product/business

The Fair Trade Blend was one of the first blends we ever developed.  Jim would roast up and sample different origins early in the morning when his palate was fresh, so he could get a feel for the best overall profile.  He used his favourite beans to form a blend that he loved, and was sure that customers would love it too. The beans in this blend are from organically certified farms, and we have also made it 100% Carbon Offset. That was a very deliberate choice we made, because we felt so privileged to be living in Australia, and we wanted to give back to communities in need. We chose a project in Africa because Jim was born there and he feels a strong connection. The current carbon offset project that every bag of our Fair Trade Blend helps to fund is the Kenyan Lifestraw Project, which provides clean drinking water to villages right across Kenya.  This means that deforestation is reduced, and communities have improved health, and therefore better education and overall better lives.  We are so proud to be a part of this project. Find out more.

Diva Fair Trade Blend

Our Fair Trade Blend is harvested from the rich growing fields of Colombia, Nicaragua and Papua New Guinea. Using only organically certified beans we then roast them to perfection to suit all styles of espresso. Every bag is 100% carbon offset and helps fund the Kenyan Lifestraw Project.

Tasting Notes

The scent and aroma features heavy notes of dark chocolate with a hint of candied walnuts. Through milk it offers notes of cocoa and caramel, has good body and has a slight stone fruit acidity. As a black coffee stronger notes of cacao emerge and the stone fruit acidity is fully realised creating a clean balanced cup in any situation.

Brewing Instructions

Best brewed as espresso with a double shot weighing 21.5 grams utilising a fairly tight grind, as we've found best flavour results at around 28-32 seconds for 60ml of espresso.

About Diva

Diva Coffee is the brainchild of Jim Storey and was started in a garage in the suburbs of Sydney. From there we've gone from strength to strength and now supply beans, equipment,  and technical support to cafes, restaurants, bars, offices and homes nationwide. For more information contact us at or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram (

What our Judges say:

"Beautifully balanced with fantastic full palate, lovely chocolate flavours. well done"