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Champion Fresh Fish - Murray Gold Australia

Josh Fischer from Murray Gold Australia

Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

Murray Gold is a culmination of 20 years aquaculture pioneering, Australian sunshine and Murray river water. Our focus in entering was to have industry experts critique our product in our pursuit for perfection. We felt an award from such a prestigious event would define the work we put in to Murray Gold back on the farm.

What does this medal championship mean to you?

Winning Gold excites us and makes us so proud. Winning Champion best fish leaves us speechless and humbled. We work with the highest level of passion and persistence for perfection. We constantly challenge our farming technique looking for the best outcome through each process.

Do you have any interesting news stories about your business/product?

Murray Gold's pursuit for excellence has taken us all over Asia from the Conrad in HK to working closely with the Luke Mangan Group and his restaurants. We have just created a smoked Murray Gold and look to create a pate later this year.