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Champion Aquaculture Product & Champion Sydney Rock Oysters - Doyle's Oysters

Jim Doyle from Doyle's Oysters

Why did we enter?

We knew we were now growing a pretty good product so we thought it was time to get some feedback and entering the show is the best way to do so. Simple as that.

What does the championship mean to us?

We are all really proud and reckon the feedback we were after is not too bad!  Really though it is a testament to the pristine waterway that is the Clyde river, and that, persistence and attention to detail pays off!

Interesting news?

DOYLE'S OYSTERS is a small business operating out of Batemans Bay on the pristine Clyde River on the south coast of NSW .

We farm 6.5 hectares of water in various parts of the river, from front water to the calm back water. Using the river much like growing livestock ,where different "paddocks" have different purposes throughout the growth cycle.

The 3.5 guys that make up Doyle's Oysters, are Jim Doyle the owner, Hilary Stewart the chief operating officer, Darcy Binder the general and Nathan Carriage who's title is "Nathan"

As far as Jim is concerned, given that I was granted an aquaculture permit 25th of May 2013 and a couple of months short of four years on the river, we have now won the aquaculture product of the year at the Sydney Royal fine food show. I am going to call an early end to my apprenticeship!  Maybe in a few more years I can call myself an oyster farmer.

Having said that Hilary has been working on the river for 25yrs and is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has guided what we do through insights that only time in the industry and through the seasons can give. Nathan knows stuff too. All of us listen carefully to each others ideas as far as how to grow great oysters, and now find ourselves looking forward to producing a top quality product consistently and in volume.

We are proud of our achievement and feel that we are a pretty good testament to persistence and attention to detail with the quality of the product being the consistent driver in all that we do.

We are all really good mates and spend most of the time laughing our way through the day and as far as it goes reckon we are a great example of black and white Australia complementing each other and coming out on top.

The Clyde River is the true secret to the quality of all the oysters grown here and we feel really privileged  to work on this beautiful River.