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Membership fees

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The RAS Membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.  
The following RAS Membership rates are for the year ending 30 September 2019. All Membership subscription fees and joining fees are inclusive of GST.

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Joining Fee

A compulsory joining fee applies to all new City and Country memberships. There is no joining fee for Junior or Youth memberships.
$50.00 City or Country Membership.

Membership fees

1 year - $80
3 year - $216

1 year - $154
3 year - $417

City Longstanding*
1 year - $76
3 year - $205

1 year - $111
3 year - $299

Country Longstanding*
1 year - $56
3 year - $151

1 year - $88
3 year - $237

1 year - $66
3 year - $178

1 year - $122
3 year - $329

*This Membership is not optional. It is applicable to existing Alumni and Long Standing Members only.

Types of membership

Alumni Membership

Applies to an invite-only group developed to create a network of like-minded, passionate people who are committed to improving agriculture in Australia and the Show movement. Membership is not transferable.

City Membership

Applies to individuals who live in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan region, aged 22 years and over. Membership is not transferable. 

Country Membership

Applies to individuals aged 22 years & over who live outside the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area. To qualify you must live within regions bounded by the postcodes:
0000-0950; 2250-2554; 2575-2739; 2787-9999. This includes interstate and overseas residents. Membership is not transferable. 

Youth Membership

For individuals aged 18 - 21 years inclusive. Please note: If you are currently 20 or 21 years of age, you will be ineligible to take up three year membership. Membership is not transferable. 

Junior Membership

For individuals aged 4 - 17 years inclusive. Please note: If you are currently 16 or 17 years of age, you will be ineligible to take up three year membership. Membership is not transferable. 

Long Standing Membership

Applies to Members who have maintained a consecutive Membership with the RAS of NSW for 40 years OR has reached 70 years of age and has maintained Membership for 25 consecutive years. Members are notified when they qualify for this type of Membership. Long Standing Membership includes one (1) complimentary Guest card and the Member may purchase up to two (2) additional Guest cards.
Membership is not transferable. 

Guest Cards 

A City or Country Member may purchase a maximum of three (3) Guest cards per year. Guest cards cannot be purchased by a Junior Member. These cards allow full access to the Sydney Royal Easter Show and Members' facilities. Guests may attend without the presence of the Member and cards are fully transferable.