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AgVision Young Farmer Challenge

Take part in the AgVision Junior Young Farmer Challenge.

The Junior Young Farmer Challenge is an engaging, entertaining and fast paced competition. It showcases the breadth of technical skills and knowledge required in farming today, promoting excellence in farming and the proactive involvement of young people in our industry. The winning team will be the team that completes all the challenges correctly, in a safe manner and in the fastest time.

Sample Challenges:

  • Hay Stack: Transport 6 bales of hay between a set distance
  • Roping: Rope a pretend 'cow' using a lasoo
  • Gate Assembly: Assemble a free standing frame. Hang and latch gate
  • Whip Crack: Use a stockwhip to knock over a cup. 
  • Vegetable Challange: Dig vegetables out of soil and identify root vegetables
  • First Aid: Bandage one members arm, construct first aid strecther and carry team member between a set distance
  • PPE: Dress in the appropriate PPE equiptment to spray a weed
  • Electric Fence: Set up pigtail fencing with electric tape
  • Wool: Throw and skirt a fleece
  • Irrigation Assembly: Set up irrigation pipes and water pump to spray a target 

It will be held in the Schmidt Arena during the lunch break and each school is invited to enter one or more teams, with four (4) students per team.