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Day 8 - by coach and mailman's bag...

Posted on : 13 April 2017

Written by: Meredyth Hayes Bell

Previously at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… Murray Wilkinson used nothing but whistles to put cattle through an obstacle course on Spotless Stadium. No, the cattle weren’t responding to the whistling, Murray’s working dogs were doing all the work. A small herd of 7 or 8 is easy for these dogs at the Show – they are used to moving 13000 head of cattle on the Packer family owned Ellerston Pastoral Company located east of Scone, NSW. Taking time off work the dogs, and Murray, have moved to the Show for two weeks to let city folk see exactly what a working dog is supposed to do. Each dog responds to a personalised whistled command… yes, Zac will sit patiently whilst Merle moves the cattle, but once Zac hears his whistle up he jumps and takes over or assists Chime and Boo with their moves! If you’re having trouble getting your dog to sit or stand still, perhaps you should have a talk to Murray or at least teach yourself how to whistle. Catch Murray Wilkinson and His Working Dogs in Spotless Stadium any day at the Show.

Coming up today at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… Cartoon characters are taking over The Amphitheatre… Off the back of DreamWorks' movie release, the stars of Trolls - Poppy and Branch - will bring music, rainbows and friendship to audiences in a live-action show. Poppy has a song in her heart; she knows life is all about cupcakes and rainbows. Meanwhile, Branch is very cautious and careful but is always ready for anything – except perhaps for Poppy’s personality! Poppy and Branch might have their ups and downs, but they always make friends and understand each other in the end. You’ll find them singing and dancing in the Amphitheatre today.

What happens when Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck run away and join the circus? Families with young children will find out in the Looney Tunes Circus Spectacular. It’s filled with amazing aerial acts including trapeze, silks, comedy routines, clowns, hula hoops, contortion and more.The 30-minute performance, to be held in The Amphitheatre, is all about strength, balance and beauty as stars of the Looney Tunes world defy gravity.