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Day 6 - by coach and mailman's bag...

Posted on : 12 April 2017

Written by: Meredyth Hayes Bell

Previously at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… A red-tailed black cockatoo flew across the Amphitheatre and landed on the arm of a nervous looking young girl before a yellow-crested cockatoo swooped in and pinched $70 and a credit card from a stranger’s wallet… but no need to call the police, it was all part of the fantastic Feathered Friends Free Flight Bird Show. Feathered Friends is licensed by the Department of Primary Industries to educate and train wildlife, and presented at the Show to educate and entertain Showgoers. You can catch a performance every day of the Show, 1pm in The Amphitheatre and a word of advice – keep your wallet safely hidden in your pocket!

The voices of 195 new Australians filled The Amphitheatre,  “From this time forward, I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.”

It was an emotional moment for the new citizens and the friends that had gathered to help wipe away the tears of joy and pride. Holding an Australian Citizenship Ceremony at the Show makes complete sense, in 1882 the Royal Agricultural Society was founded by immigrants to this country, some of the first settlers to Australia who were struggling to adapt to their new environment and the problems they were facing with crops and farming. They needed to band together and to help each other.

One of the aims of the Society was to exchange ideas and practices. In their second year, they put on a Show, which became an annual event and was a gathering to encourage and promote the rural industry. The Show also gave farmers the opportunity to come together and gain first-hand knowledge of farming trends and advances.

In the past decade, many new immigrants have worked in the agricultural sector, helping to redress labour shortages and most importantly – adding new skills and innovative insights. Immigrants, moving out to rural areas, have re-energised many regional and rural towns. The agricultural industry warmly welcomes immigrants and the insights they can bring to farming. Acceptance and generosity are trademarks of our farming and regional communities.

It was a privilege to watch 195 new citizens officially call Australia home. Why 195? It’s the number of years that the RAS has existed. 

Coming up today at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… It’s Senior’s Day! Not only do Seniors ride FREE with a paying child on selected rides in the Kids’ Carnival and Coca-Cola Carnival, The Amphitheatre lawn is the place to go if you’re a Senior’s Card holder. Enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee, have a chat with the helpful staff from 5 Ombudsman schemes, seniors’ services including Legal Aid and the friendly faces from BaptistCare and National Seniors Australia. There’s also giveaways, free entertainment and some amazing prizes to be won!