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Day 10 - by coach and mailman's bag...

Posted on : 15 April 2017

Written by: Meredyth Hayes Bell

Previously at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… The final Grand Parade was a showstopper – Spotless Stadium was packed to the rafters as Showgoers in the thousands stopped to silently applaud the cattle, horses, sheep, woodchoppers, officials and more… and to thank them for their hospitality during the Show. Where else in the world can you talk to a horse, pat a lamb, watch a cow get milked, smile at a cowboy, chat to a farmer and remind yourself of the sheer beauty of this land and its glorious produce?    The smiling faces in the crowd are all the applause the Grand Parade needs - the silence is appreciated by the animals and their handlers because they are used to quiet times on the farm!

Coming up today at the Sydney Royal Easter Show… Alpacas were first introduced into Australia in 1989 and by 2001 there were 40,000 of them in Australia! Today at the Show you can Walk an Alpaca – just make your way to the Cattle & Alpaca Pavilion. Alpacas can weigh up to 70kg and stand at about 1 metre (to the shoulder) so young children may need a hand with the reins. Alpacas like to cluck and hum when they are happy… and they are extremely photogenic! 

Sheep shearing is quite possible the most iconic activity in rural Australia (although the drovers may have something to say about that!) In 1969, Australia recorded its biggest ever wool clip of over 923,000,000 kg. Today there’s sheep shearing in The Daily Telegraph Paddock – you’ll laugh at tales of life on the land and the goings-on in the shearing sheds. Each session some lucky audience members are invited to help take the clippers to a woolly sheep, as the experts explain the tricks of the trade.  Why not be a part of 2017’s wool clip!