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Big hats to fill

Posted on : 15 August 2016

The Watsons. A family with its own proud rites of passage and tradition of quietly supporting one another.

RAS Councillor and Cattle Committee Chair Greg Watson is known for his impressive Stetson hat. His father Warwick, now a retired Councillor, wore a distinctive hat too, though it was made of straw.

‘I don’t know how Dad got around to buying a hat like that. He was conservative, but he was always known for it... But with my hat, because I was involved with the quarter horse industry, naturally I always wore western clothes.’

Now Greg’s son Adam is stewarding and sporting headgear of his own, in appearance somewhere between two.

Is the prominent hat becoming a family tradition? ‘I guess we might be starting something,’ says Greg, ‘but it’s not conscious. I’d say it’s just a distinctive family style so you stand out in the crowd; so they can pick you out and bring their troubles to you. The only family tradition we have is just quietly supporting each other. We’re proud of being part of the Watson family and we always try our best to represent the family name.’

Greg’s grandfather was a legendary poultry exhibitor, and all the Watson men including Adam have shown birds, making four generations of poultry exhibitors.

Greg’s not sure if Adam has ambitions to be a Councillor one day, but says clearly he’ll have to do it off his own bat. The day he got his own badge was a proud one. ‘Although being on Council was a great honour, the greater honour for me was following in my father’s footsteps.’.


WORDS: Vicki Hastrich

Article first appeared in RAS Times July 2016