1966 -   Applause Record

A dancer in Graeme Bell and His All Stars, who was known on the nightclub scene as "Big Pretzel", lost her brassiere climbing the Showboat ladder. There was a roar of appreciation from the crowd and horrified gasps from the more staid RAS Councillors.

1964 -   Space Age  Comes to the Show

The Rocket Man, his belt charged with hydrogen peroxide, began a soaring flight across the Showground and delivered a letter to the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies.




1957 -   Migrant Display

Newspapers described the display as featuring "laces and embroideries of women migrants from central Europe, wood and beaten metal jewellery by migrants from Greece, toys made by Czechoslovak women".

1956 -   Men Get Crafty

Men were entering embroidery, cookery, leatherwork and tapestry competitions. Much of the work was by Returned Servicemen who learnt crafts in convalescent hospitals during and after the Second World War.

1952 -   Wild Steer

An escaped steer dashed into the RAS President's room, scattering tables and chairs. The incident was cheered by crowds in the ringside stands.

1947 -   Record Attendance of 1,232,413

The Show returned in the aftermath or World War II, and set an attendance record. At the time, Sydney's total population was only 1,549,590.

1938 -   Magic Million

The attendance figure at the Royal Easter Show broke the one million mark.

1937 -   The Freak Show Continues

Newspapers advertised sideshow attractions including the giantess, Princess Pontus who stood 8ft 2in and New Zealander "Bonny Peter Fat Boy" who at 15 years old, was 6ft 2in and weighed 40 stone. Animals included the "Smallest Racehorse" from South America, just 23.5in high and the 4ft-high pig from England, Dinny.

RAS News
A stellar team of judges will headline the upcoming Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show at Sydney Showground, 16-17 September, 2014.

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08 Jul 2014 
The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Ryan OAM as its new President.

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25 Jun 2014 
The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) Foundation is proud to announce the 52 students who have been awarded Rural Scholarships in 2014.

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19 Jul 2014 
Ranging from emerging producers to famous farming dynasties, the six finalists for the prestigious President’s Medal were today announced by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS).

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21 May 2014 
Lyndey Milan OAM, Macquarie Group Sydney Royal Wine Show Committee Chair, is pleased to announce the appointment of Samantha Connew as the new Chair of Judges – the first female to be appointed to the prestigious role.

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16 May 2014